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What is Beauty by Uche?

Funny, Entertaining, Informative, Resourceful, cute
Hip, sexy, sassy, thought provoking, crazy
Hot, Fabulous, exciting, outrageous, sisterly
Passionate, responsible, honest, open, loving

Who is Beauty by Uche?

Beauty by Uche is my company that I started when I became a full time Freelance Makeup Artist. I wanted something that really reflected the way I felt about what I created, even when that is not the normal ideal of what is considered beautiful. Beauty by Uche is everything I am as an artist; makeup, photographer, writer. I wanted a name that would be applicable to any and everything that I did so…Beauty by Uche.

When is Beauty by Uche?

Every day…thru my website/blog, working on set at least 3-4 days a week, going to workshops to improve myself, and networking always with potential clients, artists, and companies that are apart of the beauty industry.

Why is Beauty by Uche?

Because…why not? I love being an artist and creating things. I created Beauty by Uche the blog to write about my experiences in this industry as an artist, and share that with other artist/people who could possibly relate.

Where is Beauty by Uche?

I am based in NYC but I am anywhere you need me to be and always online @

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